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British Bulldogs are highly sort after pets because of their, personality, loyalty and also their good looks. These pups are an expensive dog to breed and thus attract a high price. This, in recent times, has attracted some very unethical and immoral breeders that promise their puppy buyers the world but often end up heart broken with either defective puppies or NO puppy at all. There are some simple things that you (as a consumer ) can do to check out the breeder you are buying your pup from.

  • Beware of answering ads on the internet that pre-sale puppies that are not even born yet. Bulldog puppies are very fragile and no monies should be handed over until you have sighted the puppies or they are at least on the ground. 
  • You should not pay anymore than a third deposit and you should ask to see the "puppy contract" first and make sure you get a receipt.
  • Ask your breeder if they are a member of their local or interstate bulldog club, most registered breeders are  members of a breed club or kennel club and these are bound by a very strong code of moral ethics (especially with the selling of puppies).
  • Ask the breeder if they undertake any health testing on the parent dogs. There are many tests that can be done to check the physical health of the parent dogs prior to breeding to minimise the risk of passing on genetic issues. While DNA testing can determine some genetic issues, "DNA clear" does not encompass physical genetic traits such as hip displasia, hemivertebre and hypo-plastic trachea. Hip and spine x-rays and tracheal measurements can determine such  genetic issues, while eye and heart certifications can rule out eye issues including ectropian/entropian and heart murmur. 
  • Make sure you get in writing what you will be getting and what terms and conditions come with the puppy. e.g health insurance, registration of the pup (main or limited), parents health checks or medical records.
  • Beware of scammers that advertise in papers with an e/mail address only. These are often based oversea's (Nigeria) and they will claim they are in Australia - look for words like "English Bulldog" - All legitimate breeders in Australia will call them "British Bulldogs" also they will say they come with AKC (american kennel club) papers - they should come with ANKC (australian national kennel club) papers.
  • When looking at web-site's check that the images they have on the website are dogs that they have bred or they own. These are often images they have downloaded from other peoples sites or famous dogs from the past. This can be misleading - ask to see photo's of both parents and any pups from previous litters.
  • When visiting your puppies ask to see mum, and if at all possible, dad as well.
  • When taking your puppy home, make sure the breeder gives you  -
  • When taking your puppy home, make sure the breeder gives you  -

When taking your puppy home, make sure the breeder gives you  -

1) Worming Chart
2) Vaccination Certificate
3) Feeding guide
4) Receipt and completed (and signed by both parties) puppy contract
5) Registration papers or confirmation (in writing) that these will be received within a small time frame (no later than 30 days)
6) Breed handbook
7) Microchip papers
8) Any insurance papers (if they have insurance).